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At the very least, we know George Brett’s dogs support Donald Trump

If no one from Donald Trump’s campaign team has called Royals Hall of Fame third baseman George Brett, maybe they should.

On Sunday, Brett shared a pair of photos of his dogs, and they are wearing a recognizable hat:

That’s the hat that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has worn in the past. So ... does that mean Brett supports Trump? Probably, right?

Well ... Brett didn’t outright say he supported Trump, but the fact that Brett has one of those hats would be another indication. But putting the hat on his dogs is kind of silly. So it could possibly be a joke.

However, this is not the first time Brett has shown support for Trump.

During a Royals game in May, Brett seemed to acknowledge his support for Trump before he clinched the nomination. But Brett it was said in such a way that made many people wonder if he wasn’t joking.

It was during the Royals Charities event, and broadcasters Ryan Lefebvre noted that one prize was taking batting practice with Brett. However, there were no prizes involving broadcasters Lefebvre and Rex Hudler.

“Since this is an election season,” Lefebvre said, “if a candidate is not the nominee, what they do, is they say ‘I give my support to a certain candidate.’ And for some reason this year, and I’m not going to get bitter about this, but the broadcast experience is not included in the auction this year. So … Hud and I, we got together with our constituents and our supporters, and we urged them to take the support that they’d normally give to us, but since we are not finalists, to give it to the George Brett bunch.”

“Well that’s very nice,” Brett said, “that’s very nice.”

Lefebvre responded: “So that should put you over the top I think.”

Brett: “A lot of my friends are hoping that the Republican Party does that with Donald Trump. Me included.”

Some people took this as a joke or a jab at Trump, but it now appears that Brett is indeed supporting Trump.

And, we can safely say, this election is going to the dogs.

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