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Scenes from Royals dugout show how much fun the players are having

The love affair between the Royals fans and the players is based on many things.

Without a doubt, one thing the fans enjoy is seeing the players have a good time. And they were in a playful mood on Thursday night, even before the Royals beat the Twins 8-1 at Kauffman Stadium.

Before the game started, a bunch of the players took part in a skit. Jarrod Dyson was throwing a pitch to catcher Christian Colon while Alcides Escobar batted. Lorenzo Cain was the umpire in this one-act:

Cain’s maniacal laughter as the team took the field is awesome, and then Yordano Ventura gets into the act pretending to run on the field:


Go time! #ForeverRoyal

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This was after Alex Gordon’s grand slam. You can see Rally Mantis II is included in the fun:


Mantis Magic!!! #RallyMantisJr

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