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Tim Tebow reportedly wants to try baseball and few think that’s a good idea

Former Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow.
Former Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow.

You hadn’t yet had your morning coffee when you heard the report from ESPN: Former Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow wants to play professional baseball.

In that sleepy state, you may have thought this was a joke. But it is not.

Tebow, who turns 29 on Sunday and last played in an NFL game in 2012* with the New York Jets, apparently hopes that baseball is in his future. According to ESPN, Tebow was an all-state selection in baseball his senior year. But that was in 2005.

*His only six pass attempts that season were incompletions

The ESPN story says Tebow will hold a workout for Major League Baseball teams. And, wouldn’t you know it? Some Royals fans want the team to take a serious look at Tebow:

Mostly, though, sarcasm was the reaction to news.

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