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Minor-league team going all out for Halfway to Festivus celebration

It’s been common to see baseball teams celebrate a halfway to Christmas promotion.

And some minor-league teams have had Seinfeld nights.

But there is a genius who works at Class A Potomac Nationals (they play in the Carolina league with the Royals’ affiliate in Wilmington, Del.). Someone at Potomac came up with an idea to mix those two promotions.

So Saturday night is a Halfway to Festivus celebration. The club will be distributing this bobblehead:

That’s only part of the fun.

People with the name “Cosmo,” “Kramer,” “Costanza,” “Whatley” or “Kruger” will get into the game for free.

In addition to the bobblehead, fans can write their grievances and some will be read over the public-address system during the game. Plus there will be this:

▪ An “Ode to Frank Costanza” video tribute .

▪ Naturally, a Festivus pole will be on display.

▪ The players will wear special jerseys with silhouettes of Kramer and Frank Costanza, a plate of meatloaf and the Festivus pole.

▪ Fans will also receive a receipt of a donation made to the Human Fund in their name.

▪ There will be Feats of Strength and a meatloaf eating contest.

▪ Team employees will wear denim vests.

▪ According to the news release, “Hidden in five courtesy Potomac Nationals Gameday Programs will be an Atomic Sub card with Elaine Benes’ fake phone number written on it and those lucky P-Nats fans who find the Atomic Sub card may turn in the card to the P-Nats’ U.S. Coast Guard Fan Assistance Booth to claim a 2016 team signed baseball as a prize.”

There is much more, which you can read about here.

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