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Phoenix Suns coach Earl Watson, from KCK, shares powerful message after officer is killed

Phoenix Suns coach Earl Watson.
Phoenix Suns coach Earl Watson. The Associated Press

The tragic shooting death of Kansas City, Kan., police officer Robert Melton on Tuesday sent shock waves through the region.

It was certainly felt by Phoenix Suns coach Earl Watson.

Watson, who graduated from Washington High School in 1997, knows the pain of losing a loved one to gun violence. His brother, Dwayne Hooks, was shot in 2014 and died three days later after developing blood clots. Hooks was a retired police officer.

Hours after Melton was the second KCK officer to be shot and killed this year, Watson posted a heartfelt message on his Facebook page. ESPN’s Marc Spears tweeted a screenshot of the message:

Former Kansas star Nick Bradford praised Watson for his message:

Here is what Watson wrote:

“Saddened today to read about my city of KCK.

“Saddened that today an officer’s life was taken from gun violence.

“Saddened that I constantly read about the gun violence in KCK.

“Disappointed that people actually believe retalation is ‘cool’ or justified.

“Disappointed that my friend’s & family who are police officers are now looked upon as ‘them’.

“Disappointed that it’s a social divide.

“Whoever said gun violence is the way, lied.

“And if I’m not ‘cool’ for posting this, then I do not care to be COOL at all. I’m not looking for votes.

“I’m me. Won’t change to be cool. I actually dislike ‘cool’!

“It’s time to realize that ALL SOULS MATTER!


“Prayers to the family...


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