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Top 10 Super Bowl commercials of all-time

YouTube screenshot

For a portion of the people tuning into today’s Super Bowl, they will be interested less in football than commercials.

Maybe this year will have an enduring commercial that will be remembered years later. Here are 10 of the best ever:

This was one of the first commercials that made an impact, at least for me. It was Apple’s take on the George Orwell book “1984:”

These annoying frogs made were a Super Bowl ad:

This is a favorite of mine. Michael Jordan vs. Larry Bird in a McDonald’s ad:

Here is a more recent commercial that people still recall. The Darth Vader/Volkswagen

My boss found this old Cindy Crawford/Rodney Dangerfield commercial:

This is another classic, the Mean Joe Greene and the kid that gives him a Coke:

Who didn’t laugh at this clever Monster ad:

Another funny one involved an office linebacker:

We go back to Michael Jordan for this commercial with Bugs Bunny:

This is not on any top 10 lists I’ve seen, but I like it:

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