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Royals fans rescue puppy left in car at Kauffman Stadium

This puppy was saved from a hot car on Sunday.
This puppy was saved from a hot car on Sunday.

It’s a good thing these Royals fans left Sunday’s game before it finished.

Temperatures were in the low 90s, but the lack of clouds made it feel much warmer at Kauffman Stadium. Fans Josh Lee, his wife Erin, son Hudson and brother Michael Warner left in the eighth inning of what would end up being a 2-1 win for the Royals in 13 innings.

As they walked to their car they heard a dog whimpering.

It was a puppy that was maybe 16 weeks old, Josh Lee said. The fans called the Kansas City police department, who radioed Royals guest services.

“They witnessed/assisted in getting in the car,” Lee wrote in a Twitter interview. “We had water ready for him. They took him into guest service office and left a note for owner. Of owner doesn't claim, my brother will keep him.”

Lee said there was no food or water in the car, and the windows were just open enough to allow the rescuers to get the door open.

Lee and his family live in Overland Park, while his brother lives in Independence. An hour after the game, the pup had not been claimed, so maybe Warner will get a new companion.

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“Considering that the game ended in the 13th and we found the pup in the eight,” Lee wrote, “...we very well may have saved his young life.”

Anthony Mozzicato, director of guest services for the Royals, said about once a month they are called to rescue a dog left in a car at Kauffman Stadium.

“I’m not sure why people do it,” Mozzicato said. “It puts us in a really awkward situation.”

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