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Mike Carey reportedly out as replay expert during NFL games on CBS

Former NFL referee Mike Carey.
Former NFL referee Mike Carey. The Associated Press

Unfortunately for Mike Carey, this ruling apparently was confirmed.

Carey is the former NFL referee who was hired by CBS to serve as an expert when plays were being reviewed. It seemed like a smart move to have a former official talk about a play and why it would likely be called a certain way.

The trouble was that Carey’s prediction on the ruling was often wrong, particularly on plays that most people knew would be overturned or upheld.

That’s why he’s likely out at CBS.

Carey blew it on key calls in the AFC Championship Game and the Super Bowl. In fact, there was a prop bet ahead of Super Bowl 50 about whether Carey would blow a call.

Heck, even Royals first baseman Eric Hosmer tweeted this during a regular-season game:

Bob Raissman of the New York Daily News wrote: “It is highly unlikely CBS will look to hire another retired official to replace Carey, who spent 24 seasons as an NFL ref before making the leap into television.”

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