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Tennis player loses point for sarcastic grunt

Robin Haase during his match at the French Open.
Robin Haase during his match at the French Open. The Associated Press

If you are tired of the exaggerated grunting that happens during a tennis match, then you have a new favorite player: Robin Haase.

At the Prostejov Challenger in the Czech Republic, Haase and Gonzalo Lama had a long rally, and Haase apparently had heard enough of the loud grunts from Lama.

Haase made an exaggerated grunt/scream and was penalized for it, losing the point. If you were scoring at home, that would be a penalty for hindrance. Have we reached a point where sarcasm is frowned upon?

Here’s the play:

Gonzalo Lama won the match 6-3 6-3 in the ATP Challenger Tour event. That tour is one rung below the ATP Tour.

Haase was playing in the Prostejov Challenger after losing to Jack Sock in the first round of the French Open.

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