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OU Sooners fire a mascot for taunting, ‘spilling’ popcorn on OSU fans

Oklahoma mascot Boomer at the Big 12 Media Days
Oklahoma mascot Boomer at the Big 12 Media Days McClatchy-Tribune

Rivalry games bring out the best and worst in people.

Even mascots.

One of the students who dresses an Oklahoma mascot was fired this week after getting a little too excited during the Sooners’ 82-65 win over visiting Oklahoma State.

Oklahoma State fan Janai Miller explained what happened to the Tulsa World:

“(The mascot) had been taunting our OSU section behind the bench where I was sitting,” Miller told the newspaper. “He then went somewhere, came back with a bag of popcorn and tried to walk down the second row of us where there weren’t any seats open. (The mascot) pretended to trip, and the popcorn flew on all the OSU fans.”

The Sooners have two mascots, “Boomer” and “Sooner,” at games, and this one also blocked the view of some Cowboys fans.

The World and the Daily Oklahoman reported that Heather Ford, the wife of Oklahoma State coach Travis Ford, was among those who were wronged by the mascot (no word on whether it was “Boomer” or “Sooner”).

The newspapers reported that the Oklahoma athletic departement issued a statement:

“The individual involved has been dismissed from the mascot program for unsportsmanlike behavior. The University of Oklahoma apologizes for this occurrence, which in no way reflects the standards of hospitality and sportsmanship of the University of Oklahoma.”

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