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Royals fan who survived shooting is now an advocate for blood donation

Royals fan Jimmy Faseler at last season’s home opener.
Royals fan Jimmy Faseler at last season’s home opener.

It may sound odd, but Royals fan Jimmy Faseler wanted to recognize the anniversary of the day he’d been shot.

In March 2015, Faseler arrived at his Independence home to find it was being burglarized. Faseler was shot in the stomach and required extensive surgery. But he recovered and was able to take part in the pregame ceremonies at the Royals’ home opener last year.

Faseler, who is known for his “Bringing the Thunder” bare-bellied dance, pondered how to acknowledge the anniversary of the shooting as it neared, but wasn’t sure how. Then he recalled something his surgeon told him.

“She said, ‘Jimmy, you have more of other people’s blood in your body that you have of your own at this point.’ ... I didn’t know how to take that,” Faseler told people last month at a ceremony at the Community Blood Center, 4040 Main Street (you can hear what he had to say in the video above).

At last month’s ceremony, Faseler met some of the blood donors who helped save his life.

Faseler is taking it a step further as he and the Community Blood Center will be host to a blood drive from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. at six sites:

▪ Community Blood Center, 4040 Main St., Kansas City

▪ Blue Springs Center, 1124 SW US Hwy 40, Blue Springs

▪ Gladstone Center, 7265 N. Oak Trafficway, Gladstone

▪ Overland Park Center, 10568 Metcalf Ave., Overland Park

▪ St. Joseph Center, 3122 Frederick Ave, St. Joseph

▪ Topeka Center, 6220 SW 29th St., Topeka

The Community Blood Center also will raffle ticket vouchers to Royals games and an autographed baseball from George Brett.

“It was a very simple act to pull that trigger,” Faseler said at last month’s ceremony. “It takes little effort to shoot somebody. It was just one person. But it was 28 people who did a simple act of donating blood that saved my life. … For everyday people in this community, a simple act of donating blood can save lives and it can redeem some of the darker parts, the sinful parts of the community. There is nothing more redeeming than a blood donation like this.”

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