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Fan at Sporting KC game gets roughed up by ushers after incident with Dom Dwyer

Before Sporting Kansas City’s 1-1 tie at Vancouver on Wednesday night, a Whitecaps fan was having a conversation with Dom Dwyer.

Then ... as Ron Burgundy sagely noted: “Boy, that escalated quickly. I mean that really got out of hand fast.”

This Vancouver fan likely didn’t see the game after he tossed ... popcorn at Dwyer. There were insults as well and then, yep, things escalated quickly and did not end well for the fan.

Here’s the video from Crush The Bookie’s Twitter account:

I’d encourage you to watch the video again and look in the front row at the reaction of the woman, whose young son was transfixed by the fan getting roughed up by the ushers. That’s not something you want your child to see.

Dwyer tweeted this after the game:

When a student at Overland Park Elementary School wrote to Sporting KC about the school's inadequate soccer field, the team's grounds crew and a handful of players came to the rescue and gave the school a new field. Video by Brian Davidson

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