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Salvador Perez’s mom falls victim to special Salvy Splash in commercial

Major League Baseball is making a push to get more people in Spanish-speaking countries to use its At Bat app.

So, who better to use in an ad than catcher Salvador Perez? The star of the Spanish-language commercial is Perez’s mother, Yilda Diaz, and focuses on her ability to follow the Royals games when she is not able to attend a game.

What’s the best kicker to that? How about Perez using his water cooler to “splash” his mom?

According to Major League Baseball, more than one million Spanish-speaking users downloaded the At Bat app in 2015. The most come from Perez’s home nation of Venezuela.

Here is the commercial:

When it comes to drenching the hero of the game with an icy deluge, Royals catcher Salvador Perez never misses. Photos by JOHN SLEEZER/

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