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Here is the road trip the 2015 World Series trophy took this offseason

The 2015 World Series trophy has finally found a resting place: It will be on display at the Royals Hall of Fame this season.

Well ... the trophy will sometimes leave for short trips (only when the Royals are on the road), but nothing like has done since the Royals took possession of the trophy. If Ruth could get frequent flier miles, she would be sitting pretty.

Yes, Ruth. That is what Curt Nelson caretaker of the trophy/director of the Royals Hall of Fame has named the trophy.

Since that fateful night in November, the trophy was in nine states, and a “World Series Trophy Tour” went more than 3,500 miles in Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa. The other states it has visited: New York, Rhode Island, Texas, Arkansas and Arizona.

This map has the details:

It’s been a fun offseason for Nelson, who particularly enjoyed the “World Series Trophy Tour.”

“What a privilege it is to be her chaperone,” Nelson wrote in an email. “I know its cliché to say that baseball has the special power to connect generations, but just because it’s a cliché doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t accurate. Anyone who witnesses the reactions young and old alike have to seeing the World Series trophy will understand the cliché is true. For Royals fans seeing the trophy is always pure and absolute joy. She is a perpetual smile machine that simply has no off switch.”

Here is a fun GIF that artist Neil Nakahodo of The Kansas City Star created:


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