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A Jobu doll, a Rosary and a hug help Royals’ Christian Colon snap skid

The Jobu doll from the movie “Major League.”
The Jobu doll from the movie “Major League.”

Royals second baseman Christian Colon got his first hit of spring on Wednesday, and he may have received a little help from up above.

Colon brought a Jobu doll to his locker in the Royals’ clubhouse over the weekend.That’s the doll that the character Pedro Cerrano thought would help him hit a curveball in the movie “Major League.”

“I ordered it last year,” Colon said of the doll. “And I didn’t get to use it last year, it was a good year. I don’t know, man. I had it at home and I looked at him and thought I’m going to bring it, just to get the guys going.”

It didn’t help Colon as his skid reached zero-for-22 heading into Wednesday’s game against the Chicago Cubs. Royals catcher Drew Butera gave Colon a Rosary to put around Jobu’s neck earlier Wednesday.

It worked almost immediately. In the second inning, Colon hit a rocket ... right at Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant.

“You need a hug,” Mike Moustakas told Colon in the dugout and the two embraced.

Finally, the breakthrough came in the fifth inning. Colon smashed a double into the left-center alley and the skid was over after 23 at-bats. Perhaps it was the Moose hug made the difference.

Colon looked at the dugout and his teammates were at the railing signaling their support.

“Everybody in the dugout was super pumped,” Colon said. “It feels good to get hits, no matter if they count or not, and especially to win.”

Colon added a single in the seventh inning and now has only gotten hits in two straight at-bats.

Keeping a positive attitude was important.

“Really, my mentality today is: Don’t think about yourself,” Colon said. “I was reading something about Derek Jeter and him going on a 0-for-27 slump and he said, ‘I just try to get on base and think about the team.’ Sometimes when you go (without a hit) for so long, you think I’ve got to do this, I’ve got to do that. It’s just about the team. It’s always about the team.”

The team did well, too, as the Royals won 10-0.

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