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Kansas City’s favorite NBA team is the LA Lakers by a country mile

Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant.
Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant. The Associated Press

The Lakers have a stronghold on the Kansas City area.

Twitter put together an NBA map, showing the allegiances for each team in every county in the United States.

According to Twitter, it looked “at the official Twitter accounts for each team, using their followers as an indicator of allegiance (as opposed to, say, instances in which people mention a team while watching an interesting matchup or talking about a team’s rival).”

The Lakers are the top team in the Kansas City area.

Here’s the local breakdown:

Jackson County

Lakers 19.09 percent

Heat 12.75 percent

Bulls 7.59 percent

Clay County

Lakers 16.05 percent

Heat 13.29 percent

Bulls 8.74 percent

Platte County

Lakers 17.59 percent

Heat 11.09 percent

Bulls 7.47 percent

Cass County

Lakers 14.48

Heat 12.45

Thunder 11.04

Wyandotte County

Lakers 19.03 percent

Heat 13.07 percent

Bulls 8.38 percent

Johnson County

Lakers 15.87

Heat 12.07

Bulls 8.25

Miami County

Heat 19.44

Lakers 13.06

Bulls 10.0

A couple of quirky area notes: the Philadelphia 76ers are the top team in Coffey County, Kan., while the Celtics are the top team in Clay County, Kan.

You can find the interactive map here.

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