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Shane Ray defends himself against Broncos fans upset with his epic KC tattoo

Denver Broncos linebacker Shane Ray is proud of his hometown.

Unfortunately for Broncos fans, Ray attended high school at Bishop Miege and still loves Kansas City. Proof of that is literally on Ray’s back now as he showed off this epic tattoo:

That is a heck of a piece of body art. By the way, did you notice that Chiefs logo? Of course you did ... and so did Broncos fans.

The fan forum at the Broncos web site included a number of interesting responses.

Dirt Diver wrote: That’s a slap in the face if you ask me. You can be a fan if a different team than you play for but you don’t rub the nose of the team paying your salary in it. Don’t know what Elway can do about it, but he should take whatever (disciplinary) action he can against Ray. Seems like conduct detrimental to the team to me.

Cory Winget 81 wrote: I don’t care if it’s his hometown team, it’s pretty poor taste. He’s not repping his city, he’s repping sports teams, and one that happens to be a longtime hated rival of the team that pays him. It’s just a bad look.”

He also wrote: Selfish and in poor taste, IMO. Wonder if we could trade him to KC for Alex Smith.....

Kingelway 7 wrote: If the tattoo happens to be prior to coming to Denver, that’s one thing, but if its new, it rubs me the wrong way. 

What would you guys have thought of Elway if he went out and got a Seahawks tattoo in the late 80s or early 90s?

Venomous DB wrote: Yep it’s his body, but I find it to be in poor taste while he’s with the Denver Broncos.

Anyone remember the uproar when Kaepernick wore a Dolphins hat? Yeah that was just a hat, not a tattoo.

While many Denver fans said they had no problems with the tattoo, Ray, who helped the Broncos win Super Bowl 50, was forced to defend himself.


Bronco nation.

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