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Wayne Selden’s uncle has become a national sensation

Uncle Anthony enjoyed the Big 12 Tournament.
Uncle Anthony enjoyed the Big 12 Tournament.

One dunk by Kansas guard Wayne Selden has turned his uncle into a national sensation.

Well, Selden’s dunk against Baylor on Friday night at the Big 12 Tournament wasn’t just a dunk. It was a moment that will be replayed for decades.

And the TV producer who cut to the shot of Selden’s uncle Anthony made a wise decision. Uncle Anthony’s reaction was priceless and replayed numerous times.

Selden told The Star’s Vahe Gregorian that his uncle “always comes out here and finds a way to make his mark.”

As if Friday’s celebration of the year wasn’t enough, Uncle Anthony showed up Saturday at the Big 12 championship game with a clock around his neck. In the middle: a photo from his nephew’s big dunk.

In the wake of Selden’s dunk, everyone suddenly knew Uncle Anthony, who was shown on ESPN, Yahoo and other sites. He was trending on Twitter, was turned into a meme and has more than 2,000 followers on Twitter.

And he became college basketball’s version of Marlins Man. Everyone had to have their photo taken with him.


When u run into #UncleAnthony at 4am @ #TownTopic #RockChalk

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Oh, and Uncle Anthony is fired up for the NCAA Tournament.

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