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ESPN ‘looking into’ comments Curt Schilling made to 610 Sports about Hillary Clinton

Former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling.
Former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling. The Associated Press

It started as an innocent radio interview about baseball on 610 Sports Radio in Kansas City.

Danny Parkins, Carrington Harrison and Rex Hudler chatted with former major-league pitcher/ESPN analyst Curt Schilling on Tuesday. Things turned to politics, and that might end up getting Schilling in trouble with ESPN.

Schilling was suspended last August for this tweet:

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He later deleted the tweet, but ESPN removed him from baseball telecasts for the rest of the season.

Now ESPN said it is looking into Tuesday’s talk with 610 Sports.

After talking about the Royals, Hudler’s success against Randy Johnson and more baseball, the talk turned to politics.

“If you look at the past 20 years of this country’s history, I would argue that we’ve never been worse off, like, domestically and abroad,” Schilling said. “I think our standing globally has taken an enormous hit in the last decade. You look at the amount of people out of work — not just unemployed, the people who have stopped looking — it’s a staggering number. It makes the unemployment number a joke. I want somebody to sit in the Oval Office again that I trust.”

Schilling said that the future of the country is at stake in the 2016 presidential election. Parkins then asked Schilling about the potential of a Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton matchup in November.

“If she’s allowed to get to the general election before she goes to prison, I’ll be stunned, and I’ll be upset,” he said. “Because I think she’s shown her true colors all along the way, and I’ll ask you this: Do you see her being anything even remotely different than what we’ve had?”

Parkins asked whether Clinton will go to prison.

“I hope she does. If I’m gonna believe, and I don’t have any reason not to believe, that she gave classified information on hundreds if not thousands of emails on a public server and after what happened to General (David) Petraeus, she should be buried under a jail somewhere,” Schilling said.

Schilling addressed the brouhaha on WEEI radio in Boston on Thursday. He acknowledged that he received a memo from ESPN that encouraging on-air talent from not talking about the presidential race.

“Right hand to God, I didn’t get that til about two weeks ago, because it was in my spam folder,” Schilling said. “But that’s an excuse.”

A radio host pointed out that Schilling would have had the memo when he was on 610 Radio.

“I’d heard before that, and I’m like, ‘What is this memo? People are making this up. Whatever,’ ” Schilling said. “And then when I read it, I was thinking, my assumption, was they don’t want us talking about politics in an ESPN setting, whether it be radio or television. I’m assuming that probably ended up not being right, I haven’t heard from anybody, I haven’t heard anything. The challenge for me is that it was an hour. I was talking with Rex Hudler, a former teammate of mine, Kansas City radio, the Royals and all that, we talked for 55 minutes about everything, baseball, teammates, stories. And this came at the end, and this is the thing.”

You can listen to the whole interview with 610 Radio here.

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