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J.J. Watt loves breakfast foods, but is he any match for Ron Swanson?

Ron Swanson loves bacon and eggs.
Ron Swanson loves bacon and eggs.

The last we saw of J.J. Watt, his Houston Texans were blown out at home by the Chiefs in the playoffs.

But Watt has always seemed like a nice guy, and there was affirmation of that on Tuesday night when he had this string of tweets:

Of course breakfast for dinner is a wonderful thing. Another breakfast lover is Ron Swanson, who is a fictional character from the classic comedy “Parks and Recreation.”

Just because Ron Swanson was a TV character, doesn’t mean we won’t be able to enjoy his take on breakfast and food in general for the rest of our lives:

So who’s the bigger breakfast fan? I’m not sure, but this seems like a perfect excuse to drop in one of the best jokes in “Parks and Recreation” history:

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