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Just in time for that special day: Royals valentines

Royals fan Matt Chrisman made valentines that should be dear to the hearts of KC fans.
Royals fan Matt Chrisman made valentines that should be dear to the hearts of KC fans.

This is a special time Matt Chrisman’s life.

He is going to be a father for the first time next month. And he’s a Royals fan, so he’s still riding high from the World Series title, even though he lives in Houston.

So he decided to make Royals-centric valentines, which he posted on Twitter and encouraged people to share. You can see all of them here.

Here’s a sample:


“I got the idea because I am a lifelong Royals fan and watched almost every game the past few years, despite living in both Iowa and Texas,” Chrisman wrote via Twitter. “As a result, I know the team and players very well. Additionally, my wife and I are expecting our first child, a daughter, in March (just in time for spring training!) and I wanted to create a special Valentine memory for her since we will raise her to love the Royals as much as we do. It made sense then to create Royals valentines.”

Chrisman said he’s spent about three hours total on the Valentines.

“Some of them were easy based on their names (Cain, Salvy) and took only a few minutes to make,” he wrote. “Others were more difficult since their names don’t rhyme with many things related to love and friendship (Gordon, Escobar, Volquez) and I spent 20-30 minutes crafting a unique Valentine message using their name or something unique about them. The hardest were probably Volquez and Escobar (I kept trying to use Esky’s number to make a valentine that said ‘ur 2 cute’ but I couldn’t figure out a good way to visually represent that).”

“The reaction I’ve gotten has been very positive and my mom is my biggest fan,” Chrisman wrote. “I posted them to my Royals blog, which I started so I could talk about the Royals because my wife doesn’t care about OBP and WAR. People seem to enjoy them and I really love how the city has come to love this team, especially considering how awful they used to be.”

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“I’m hoping the Royals players on Twitter (Guthrie, Hoz, Herrera, Esky) see theirs and like them!” he wrote. “Maybe the Royals Valentines will at least bring a smile to KC as we await the start of spring training. And I hope the valentines help spawn a new generation of Royals fans!”

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