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Ten of the best Super Bowl commercials ever

This one makes the list.
This one makes the list.

When did it happen? When did the Super Bowl become about a football game and the commercials?

That is how it is these days. Seems like this is the perfect time to look back at 10 of the commercials that people still remember today.

Former Steelers great Mean Joe Greene reunited with the kid who helped him make this famous commercial:

Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny were co-stars in “Space Jam,” and in this Air Jordan commercial:

Another sneaker commercial had a hit with Terry Tate, office linebacker:

Anyone else remember this Cindy Crawford commercial with kids who love the Pepsi can. I thought so:

This Betty White commercial for Snickers was spot-on, and the Abe Vigoda ending was wonderful:

Just months after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Budweiser had this poignant commercial:

The cute value mixed with Star Wars made this Volkswagen commercial a hit:

Michael Jordan teamed up with an actual person — Larry Bird — for this classic:

This commercial was pitch perfect for anyone who has to work for a living (and that’s most of us):

A puppy. Sorry, a lost puppy. Check that: a lost puppy caught in a rain storm. Trying to find its way home. The tear-jerker for sure:

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