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Wade Davis ranked as top relief pitcher in majors by MLB Network

Kansas City Royals relief pitcher Wade Davis.
Kansas City Royals relief pitcher Wade Davis.

No one really need confirmation on this, right?

The MLB Network has been doing rankings of various positions (“Top 10 Right Now!”) and it got to relief pitchers.

Atop the list: Wade Davis of the Royals.

Davis was 8-1 with 17 saves and a 0.94 ERA last season. He was an All-Star, finished sixth in the Cy Young Award voting and 28th in MVP voting. Davis had a 0.79 WHIP (walks and hits per innings pitched). He struck out 10.4 batters per nine innings.

In 2014, Davis had a 1.00 ERA, a 0.85 WHIP and struck out 13.6 batters per nine innings.

The MLB Network special notes that Davis has the lowest opposing batting average (.148) and ERA (0.97) over the last two years.

“That’s the lowest two-year ERA in the history of the game,” MLB Network’s Brian Kenny said. “He deserves to be No. 1.”

Here is the top 10

1. Wade Davis, Royals

2. Dellin Betances, Yankees

3. Aroldis Chapman, Yankees

4. Andrew Miller, Yankees

5. Zach Britton, Orioles

6. Mark Melancon, Pirates

7. Ken Giles, Astros

8. Tony Watson, Pirates

9. Darren O’Day, Orioles

10. Craig Kimbrel, Red Sox

You can watch as the top two relief pitchers are unveiled during the MLB Network broadcast:

In previous position rankings, Lorenzo Cain was third among center fielders (behind Mike Trout and A.J. Pollock), while Alex Gordon was the fifth among left fielders (Michael Brantley is No. 1). More rankings, including catcher, are coming.

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