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New Royals spring-training hats are a hit

They crowned the Royals spring-training hats.
They crowned the Royals spring-training hats.

Major League Baseball released a photo gallery of new spring-training hats for all 30 teams on Thursday and the results are mixed. You can see them all here.

Among the losers: The Chicago Cubs, Cleveland Indians and New York Yankees

The winners: The Chicago White Sox, Atlanta Braves, Milwaukee Brewers and the Royals

People took to social media to express their love for those new hats, and it wasn’t just fans who had high praise:

There are new jerseys for spring training as well. The Royals’ jersey will include a patch on the left shoulder, which identifies them as the World Series champions.

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You can see all the jerseys here and they will play in the following tweet as well. The hats and jerseys will be available at starting on Monday.

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