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Royals had largest jump in attendance of teams in Big Four sports leagues in last 10 years

Kansas City Royals fans showed their support during last year’s World Series at Kauffman Stadium.
Kansas City Royals fans showed their support during last year’s World Series at Kauffman Stadium.

You’ve likely heard about the Royals’ incredible television ratings in 2015 on Fox Sports Kansas City.

They also set a team record for attendance a year ago at 33,438. It was a remarkable jump from the 2005 season, when the Royals averaged 17,356 people for games at Kauffman Stadium.

In fact, a website called 24-7 Wall St. noted that the Royals’ 92.7 percent increase in attendance is the biggest in the last 10 years among four of the major sports leagues: the NFL, NBA, NHL and Major League Baseball (there were no numbers on Major League Soccer).

The gap between the Royals and No. 2 Arizona Cardinals was huge. Arizona’s increase amounted to 69.2 percent. That’s impressive, but nowhere near to the Royals’ jump.

Of course, teams on this list were pretty awful a decade ago. In fact, 24-7 Wall St. helpfully noted that the Royals lost 19 straight games in in the 2005 season. In some ways, it’s amazing that the Royals drew 17,356 per game in 2005, when they lost 106 games.

The website ranked the top 10 pro franchises and here are Nos. 6-10:

10. Nashville Predators

9. Washington Capitals

8. Colorado Rockies

7. Detroit Tigers

6. Pittsburgh Pirates

Here is a breakdown from of the top five teams. The same information is available for the bottom half of the top 10 and you can find that by clicking here.

5. Toronto Blue Jays

▪ League: MLB

▪ 10-year attendance increase: 38.7 percent

▪ Avg. home game attendance: 34,504

▪ Avg. capacity filled: 70.0 percent

▪ Recent success: 2015 American League Championship Series finalist

4. Pittsburgh Penguins

▪ League: NHL

▪ 10-year attendance increase: 56.7 percent

▪ Avg. home game attendance: 18,617

▪ Avg. capacity filled: 101.3 percent

▪ Recent success: Won Stanley Cup in 2009

3. Chicago Blackhawks

▪ League: NHL

▪ 10-year attendance increase: 64.3 percent

▪ Avg. home game attendance: 21,679

▪ Avg. capacity filled: 110.4 percent

▪ Recent success: Defending Stanley Cup champions

2. Arizona Cardinals

▪ League: NFL

▪ 10-year attendance increase: 69.2 percent

▪ Avg. home game attendance: 64,185

▪ Avg. capacity filled: 98.7 percent

▪ Recent success: Defending NFC West champions

1. Royals

▪ League: Major League Baseball

▪ 10-year attendance increase: 92.7 percent

▪ Avg. home game attendance: 33,438

▪ Avg. capacity filled: 88.2 percent

▪ Recent success: Defending World Series champions

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