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Steelers fan pranks Broncos fan by putting his house up for sale for Super Bowl tickets

This house really isn’t for sale.
This house really isn’t for sale.

What are friends for?

If you’re a guy, that friendship sometimes includes pranks. You know, like ordering a pizza to a friend’s house or putting his house up for sale.


The latter happened to a man in Erie, Colorado.

Brian Lusk is a Broncos fan, and according to the Denver Post, Lusk is friends with a Steelers fan. The Broncos beat Pittsburgh in the playoffs and there was a good amount of ribbing.

Lusk’s friend looked for payback.

“When they played in the playoffs, I rode him hard for a few days,” Lusk told the Post. “He texted me back and said he was going to get me.”

The friend did so by placing an advertisement in three newspapers with a photo of Lusk’s house.

Here’s what the ad said:

2100 sq ft 3BR 2BA

Home in Erie FSBO.

Getting Divorced;

Leaving Her with

Nothing. Will Sell

Home for 2 Tickets to

the Superbowl with

Air Fare & Lodging.

Must Act Fast!

Serious Inquiries


“I answered a phone call on Friday morning about my house being for sale,” Lusk said. “She read off the ad. It all started clicking for me. I figured out who was doing it.”

The Post reported that the house is not on the market and that Lusk and his wife are happily married.

Still, I wonder what she thinks of her husband’s pal.

Here is WPXI-TV story on the prank:


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