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College basketball team uses pizza boxes to dig out bus stranded on road because of blizzard

Sometimes, it doesn’t pay to be proactive.

The Duquesne basketball team’s game at George Mason in Virginia was scheduled for Saturday, but the game was moved to Friday afternoon so the Dukes could avoid the impending blizzard that raked the East Coast.

Unfortunately, Duquesne didn’t make it back home to Pittsburgh before the storm hit on Friday night.

The Dukes were forced to spend the night on their team bus on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

The team did its best to occupy the time, playing games from charades to Survivor:

After a while, coach Jim Ferry did some interviews with multiple outlets:

On Saturday morning, reinforcements arrived for the people on the bus, while others searched for food. The desire for pizza would play a huge role hours later:

By Saturday afternoon, the team feared it would spend another night on the Turnpike, but there was some good news.

After 22 hours, the players were more than happy to use those pizza boxes to dig out the bus and then to push the bus. They got it going and were thrilled to be moving again:

Duquesne was not alone. The Temple gymnastics team is also stranded on the Pennsylvania Turnpike as well as a group of middle school students:

Word of Duquesne’s success in moving on the Turnpike gave hope to the Temple gymnasts:

Eventually, their time came as well.

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