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Chiefs receiver Chris Conley burns critics of NFL’s first full-time female coach

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Chris Conley.
Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Chris Conley.

The Bills hired Kathryn Smith as a special-teams quality-control coach, and she is the first full-time female coach in the NFL.

While most people were thrilled for Smith, there were a few Kevin Kileys out there.

Kiley is a radio host in Cleveland and he bashed the Bills for the hire.

“Women are intellectual, smarter, more clever. They’re intellectual beings,” Kiley said, according to “They have to be in order to overcome the physical advantage of men. Football is about physical advantage.

“She couldn’t possibly be qualified to the same level that a man could be qualified to (coach football).”

Uh-huh. Right.

Chiefs’ wide receiver Chris Conley heard the criticism and offered a wonderful response.

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