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Watchmaker offering a timepiece to Chiefs coach Andy Reid

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid.
Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid.

Despite Sam Mellinger’s plea to let it go, here is one last, final, concluding item about the Chiefs’ clock-management woes in last Saturday’s playoff loss at New England.

The watchmaker Casio told TMZ that it is offering to give Chiefs coach Andy Reid a new watch.

“We, at Casio, couldn’t help but notice how crucial time management is during the intense fourth quarter of a NFL playoff game, and with that said we would like to offer you our brand new G-SHOCK GA201RD-4A timepiece.

“We feel the stopwatch feature, countdown timer and digital watch face will be extremely beneficial for you and your staff during practices and games.”

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Shameless plug for one of Casio’s timepieces? Sure.

But Casio gets credit for recognizing what people are talking about. And it could be Casio’s best free advertising since this:

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