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Watch woman’s reaction to her baseball cards being appraised for $1 million

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Remember when you moved out of the house and mom tossed all your baseball cards?

An untold fortune was lost, right?

“Antiques Roadshow” released a video clip this week of a woman whose collection of baseball cards and other memorabilia from the 1870s was appraised at $1 million.

Read on.

The episode of the show ran earlier this week, although the story first surfaced last summer. The woman who owned the cards wasn’t identified. She said they belonged to her great-great-grandmother, and the current owner had received a $5,000 offer for the collection.

Good thing she didn’t sell them, huh?

Watch her reaction to the appraisal:

Not the same as the collection you had, but mom was still wrong.

UPDATE: Well, sports commentator/baseball historian Keith Olbermann has chimed in, saying the appraisal was waaaaaaaaay too high.

Here’s his take:

H/T to SBNation.

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