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Boston Herald reporter finds it’s tough to hate Chiefs

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. The Associated Press

Sports can sometimes bring out the worst in people.

That’s particularly the case when rivals play and fans from both teams attend the game. Insults are hurled ... as well as beers and other objects.

But the Boston Herald’s Steve Buckley wondered: “(I)s there any hatred — any real, deep-in-the-belly, nostrils-a-flarin’ hatred — for Kansas City?”

His conclusion: no.

“Sorry, folks, there’s just not a lot here in terms of revenge, rallying cries and assorted other bulletin-board material,” Buckley wrote. “In fact, Saturday’s game will mark the first time these two old-timey American Football League rivals have squared off in the playoffs.”

So there’s nothing but love coming from Boston. But how do Chiefs fans feel about the Patriots? If you are a Chiefs fan, vote in the poll.


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