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Royals fan gets a World Series ring ... for work with Red Sox

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The package arrived at Garrett Maxey’s house and he thought little of it.

Maxey had married just a few days earlier, so the delivery guys were coming regularly.

Thing is, this particular box contained his very own World Series ring.

“When we received the box, I thought it was just another wedding registry gift,” Maxey said. “I thought, ‘Oh, cool, more pots and pans.’ But it was much, much better than pots and pans as you can imagine. It was really fun getting that.”

No doubt.

Maxey graduated from the University of Missouri last year with a degree in turf grass management. After working on athletic fields in Columbia, Maxey was able to snag an intern with the Red Sox groundskeeping crew in the summer of 2013.

It was a special year for the Red Sox.

Boston ended up playing the Cardinals in the World Series that year, which made things a bit awkward for Maxey in Columbia.

“That was a little rough,” Maxey said with a laugh. “I was living with Cardinals fans in my house. It was kind of rough rooting for the Red Sox, considering all the stakes I had in it.”

Truth be told, Maxey grew up in Lee’s Summit and is a Royals fan, so he’d have been cheering for the Red Sox either way.

And things worked out just fine for Maxey and the Red Sox. Not long after the Series ended, he received a letter from the club saying he could order a World Series ring.

Maxey waited a while before ordering. It cost a little over $1,000, but was appraised at more than $3,000.

Looks nice, no?

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In a funny bit of odd timing, his ring arrived while his Royals were in the World Series. He would have liked to see his hometown team follow the Red Sox as World Series champions, but it was not meant to be.

However, his ring is a nice reminder of an internship that nearly any baseball fan would like.

“I took care of the baseball fields and some of the other practice fields at Mizzou and that’s how I got qualified to do the job at Fenway,” Maxey said. “It was pretty cool my first week, but as the summer goes on, then it’s well I’m just going to work, it just happens to be at a really cool, historical place, but it was where I worked.”

And if someday people doubt Maxey’s story, he always has the ring to prove it.

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