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Florida Gators player, who was born with one hand, scores first collegiate basket

Zach Hodskins
Zach Hodskins

Here’s a cool story.

On Tuesday night, Florida beat Jacksonville 89-65 at home, and two of those points were scored by Gators walk-on Zach Hodskins. This normally wouldn’t seem to be a big deal, but Hodskins was born without a hand on his left arm.

Take a look:

Hodskins, who missed the free throw, also missed the only two shots he took last season as a freshman. He was 0 for 3 this season (with two shots from behind the three-point line).

“Really happy for Zach, a great young man, obviously overcoming an unbelievable adversity,” Florida coach Mike White told the Associated Press. “He’s a very, very likable young man. You could tell by the decibel level in the O’Dome when he scored. It was a fun moment for our team and for Zach. Proud for him, happy for him.”

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