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Royals 2014 World Series champions shirts found in Joplin, Mo.

Twitter screengrab

It’s no surprise that T-shirts proclaiming the Royals as the 2014 World Series champions were printed.

Happens in every championship in a major sport. Thing is, those shirts are supposed to get sent to Africa or South America or something like that, right?

Check out this tweet from Saturday:

The person who found the shirts apparently didn’t get one for himself:

But Tim Spears did:

Spears lives in Pittsburg, Kan., but he grew up in Raymore. However, he was born in Atlanta, so he’s a big-time Braves fan. But he is a fervent Royals supporter, too.

And, not surprisingly, he knows a lot of Royals fans. So what are his plans for the shirts?

“Maybe gifts, maybe sell ’em,” Spears said in a Twitter interview. “It’s the holidays, so both are solid options.”


But at least one is going to his brother, so they can both wear them to the Royals’ home opener next season.

Needless to say, that will be a conversation starter at Kauffman Stadium.

So, how much would you pay for one of those? Spears said he doled out $8.99 for each of the five.

“I tried to haggle the price down but the manager wasn’t having it,” Spears said.

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