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A 5-year-old boy in Ohio used his allowance to try saving the UAB football program

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Here’s a heart-warming story for a cold wintery day.

There was outrage among players and fans when the University of Alabama-Birmingham shut down its football program earlier this month.

The news even struck a chord with 5-year-old Bennett Williams of Ohio. He’s a Buckeyes fan, but his dad recently tweeted a photo of a letter Bennett sent to UAB:

Although Bennett’s handwriting is better than mine, here is what he wrote if you had trouble reading that: “DEAR UAB. I LOVE OHIO STATE, BUT I THINK YOU SHOULD HAVE FOOTBALL, TOO. HERE IS ONE DOLLAR TO HELP! — Bennett”

Yep, Bennett kicked in his allowance ($1) to try and help save the football program. Of course, it was too late to help, but it did touch some hearts in Alabama.

According to, a member of the UAB athletic department sent Bennett a bunch of Blazers’ stuff, including a game-used football.

His dad, Brad Williams, tweeted this:

In the story, Bennett’s dad later received an email from Reid Adair of the UAB athletic department:

“I showed everyone the letter and your note in our administrative staff meeting this morning. At the AD’s request, we’re having it framed, along with both pictures (his soccer picture and the one with his UAB stuff) and the dollar. It’s going to be displayed in our primary conference room. As our AD said today, it will be a reminder to us all of the good people out there in the world — and our #1 fan in Ohio.”

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