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Sporting KC’s Dom Dwyer shows off bungee-jumping skills

Sporting KC’s Dom Dwyer (right)
Sporting KC’s Dom Dwyer (right) JTOYOSHIBA@KCSTAR.COM

I wonder what Peter Vermes thinks of this.

Sporting Kansas City forward Dom Dwyer and his wife Sydney Leroux have been showing off photos and videos from their honeymoon to Cambodia. Not sure where they are these days, but Dwyer is doing some fun stuff.

On Instagram, Dwyer shared a video of his first time bungee jumping. Vermes, Sporting KC’s coach, was probably OK with the video since it’s unlikely it would have been posted if something terrible happened.


Part 2: I love this feeling #FirstTimer

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Dwyer said his farewells before the jump:


Part 1: Pre bungee jump messages..... #Goodbye

A video posted by Dom Dwyer (@ddwyer14) on


I think I found the perfect spot he likes..... #Tigergasm

A photo posted by Dom Dwyer (@ddwyer14) on

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