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Jeremy Guthrie takes viewers inside his vault for Air Jordans in documentary ‘Sneakerheadz’

Jeremy Guthrie has never tried to hide this addiction.

Guthrie, the former Royals pitcher who is now a free agent, has a love for Air Jordans. He’s been collecting them for years, although he did announce in February that he was giving up the hobby.

And, yet, he also got a pair of Nike’s “Back To The Future Part II” futuristic shoes that he wore during the ALCS when the Royals beat the Blue Jays.

A few years back, Guthrie told me he had nearly 400 pairs of Air Jordans. Where would he keep those? Guthrie is featured in the documentary “Sneakerheadz,” and he showed off the vault at his house.

A few years ago, Guthrie showed off the vault to Nice Kicks:

Here is what Guthrie showed on “Sneakerheadz,” and you’ll see that not all of his shoes are in his vault (if the video is giving you troubles, click or tap here to watch):

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