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Basketball rules in Kentucky, even on online dating sites

Guess what’s big on dating sites in Indiana?
Guess what’s big on dating sites in Indiana? Screengrab from

When a person makes a profile on an online dating site, would you be able to tell what state they live in based on the words he or she chose?

That’s a question the web site asked, and the answer is yes.

Mashable basically had sift through online dating profiles throughout the United States to see if a keyword pops up in a particular state.

There were some surprises: Maryland’s was “gospel” and Tennessee’s was “porch.”

Indiana’s was “NASCAR.” Go figure.

Others were to be expected: “Snowboarding” in Colorado and “hikes” in Washington.

But the biggest no-brainer, eye-roller: Kentucky’s was “basketball.”

Yep, the Bluegrass state loves hoops.

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