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Ben Zobrist’s wife says he must hit a homer if he’s not there when she gives birth

Julianna and Ben Zobrist
Julianna and Ben Zobrist File photo

Any day now, Royals second baseman Ben Zobrist and his wife Julianna will welcome their third child.

Of course, any day now could come when Zobrist is with the Royals in New York playing in the World Series. It’s unlikely as Julianna Zobrist’s due date is actually a couple of weeks away. Of course, babies have been known to come early.

Before Game 2 of the World Series, Zobrist was asked if there is a contingency plan if Julianna goes into labor while he’s in New York.

“If she has the baby, then there’s nothing I can do, I’m that far away, certainly,” Zobrist said. “Obviously if it’s a family matter and it’s an emergency and there’s something I need to be there for, I’ll be there.”

Sounds like Julianna has issued an ultimatum.

“Barring that, if I’m gone, she just said, ‘You better hit a homer if I have the baby without you.”

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