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Blue Jays fan carves pumpkin in image of Royals fan who caught Mike Moustakas’ homer

Caleb Humphreys with the ball hit by Mike Moustakas
Caleb Humphreys with the ball hit by Mike Moustakas Rustin Dodd’s Twitter account

Halloween is this Saturday, so expect to see some scary, fun and just outright crazy carved pumpkins.

This one definitely is the latter.

Blue Jays fans apparently haven’t forgotten the name Caleb Humphreys. He’s the Blue Springs teenager who caught Mike Moustakas’ home run ball during Game 6 of the ALCS.

Toronto fans thought Humphreys reached over the wall and interfered with the ball. They were not happy.

Nor, apparently, have they forgotten.

Check out the design for these pumpkins:


Happy Halloween Blue Jays Fans #CalebHumphreys #GoJaysGo #ComeTOgether

A photo posted by Morgueco Cortez (@themarcocortez) on

That’s from the Instagram account of Morgueco Cortez. His Twitter account says he is from Toronto. But no surprise there, right?

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