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Five reasons why the Royals will win the World Series

Wade Davis and the Royals will celebrate again soon based on these indicators.
Wade Davis and the Royals will celebrate again soon based on these indicators.

Worried about the World Series?

Looking for some statistics that point to the Royals being destined to win?

Here are five reason why the Royals will win the World Series:

1. As Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports pointed out, the Mets led the majors in pitches that were 95 mph or faster. The Royals’ batters feasted on pitches that were thrown 95 mph or faster, leading the majors in average (.284) and lowest strikeout percentage (15.1 percent). They were second in slugging percentage (.432).

2. The Mets swept the National League Championship Series. Since the championship series went to a best-of-seven in 1985, six of the seven teams to sweep lost in the World Series.

▪ The 1988 A’s swept the Red Sox, but lost to the Dodgers in the World Series.

▪ The 1990 A’s swept the Red Sox, then were swept by the Reds.

▪ The 1995 Braves swept the Reds, then beat the Indians.

▪ The 2006 Tigers swept the A’s, but wee beaten by the Cardinals.

▪ The 2006 Rockies swept the Diamondbacks, then were swept by the Red Sox.

▪ The 2012 Tigers swept the Yankees, then were swept by the Giants.

▪ And, of course, the Royals swept the Orioles last year.

Small sample size, right? Well, you’ll love this one:

3. Since the start of divisional play in 1969, 75 percent of American League teams that returned to the World Series after losing the year before won. They are:

▪ The 1970 Orioles, who beat the Reds after losing to the Mets in 1969

▪ The 1977 Yankees, who beat the Dodgers after losing to the Reds in 1976

▪ The 1989 A’s, who beat the Giants after losing to the Dodgers in 1988

The one exception: The 2010-11 Texas Rangers, who lost to the Giants and Cardinals

4. Daniel Murphy’s home-run outburst doesn’t bode well for the Mets. Barry Bonds (2002), Carlos Beltran (2004) and Nelson Cruz (2011) each hit eight home runs in a single postseason, and the three are tied for the record. Bonds’ Giants, Beltran’s Astros and Cruz’s Rangers all failed to win the World Series.

Murphy has hit seven homers, tied for the second-most with Troy Glaus (2002), Melvin (nee B.J.) Upton (2008) and Jayson Werth (2009). Glaus is the only one of those three to play for a World Series winner.

5. Since 2004, when the team with the best record in the American League has advanced to the World Series, it has won: the 2013 Red Sox, the 2009 Yankees, the 2007 Red Sox, the 2005 Chicago White Sox.

It’s a lock, right?

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