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The Nov. 22 edition of Sports TWIT (The Week In Twitter)

Twitter screengrab

Here is the weekly look at the best sports tweets from the past week.

The Frozen Tundra moved this week from Green Bay to Buffalo:

In case you missed the Lizard haircut:

Sporting Kansas City announcer Callum Williams live-tweeted part of the MLS Dispersal Draft, then went silent. Fans feared the worst:

In Chicago, blogger Robert Feder tweeted this news:

Unfortunately, two of the people who lost their job were on the air when they read the tweet:

The family of Oscar Taveras, the Cardinals outfielder who was killed last month, took over his Twitter account:

After the Chiefs lost to the Raiders on Thursday night, the “Circle of Parity” was complete:

This was a fun exchange between Wisconsin’s Frank Kaminsky III, who almost was dunked on by Wisconsin-Green Bay’s Keifer J. Sykes during a game:

This week also officially marked the end of Billy Butler’s tenure with the Royals:

And finally, hockey players are known for their toughness. This tweet from Blues goalie Brian Elliott will make at least one gender cringe a bit. He tweeted the photo after a game:


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