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The sublime, funny and ugly Vine highlights from Chiefs’ loss to the Raiders

Vine screenshot

There were some good, bad and ugly moments from the Chiefs’ 24-20 loss Thursday night in Oakland.

Here was probably the best moment, Jamaal Charles’ sublime 30-yard touchdown catch and run (from eskoo):

Then came the funny as the Raiders showed why they had been 0-10. After the Raiders got a sack late in the game, Sio Moore celebrated with Khalil Mack. Thing is, Alex Smith was about to snap the ball and the Raiders had to call a timeout because the duo was so far behind the line of scrimmage.

This is from Brian Floyd:

And finally, the ugly. Any game in Oakland comes with the expectation that Raiders fans will do something low class. In this case, it was give Charles the finger (for teh faint of heart, you’ve been warned):

This comes from Dee Jones:

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