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The Week In Tweets for Nov. 16: Best sports tweets

Twitter screenshot

Twitter can be (but not always) a fun place.

Sports and twitter sometimes (but not always) seem perfectly matched.

Here are some of the best tweets from the past week:

Heading into Sunday night’s football game between the Bears and Packers, there was this clever tweet:

Then after the Packers had their way with the Bears and Cutler:

On Monday night, the Pistons’ Andre Drummond might have had a word with the guy who made his jersey:

The Lakers’ Kobe Bryant set an NBA record ...

...which just shows that he’s also made a lot of shots, too:

This is not sports related, but what?

On Thursday, Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall and a Detroit Lions fan apparently made plans to, um, meet and box. Fight Club!

The New England Patriots reached 1 million followers and tweeted special jerseys of each one of those followers using their Twitter handle. Unfortunately, one of those handles used a racial slur. Whoops.

On Friday, word circulated that Giancarlo Stanton was poised to get a 13-year, $325 million contract from the Marlins. This was the tweet of the week:

During a Saturday afternoon game between Ohio State and Minnesota it only seemed natural to have ice cream ... while it’s snowing:

And finally, how about the Nebraska “defense” which allowed Wisconsin’s Melvin Gordon to rush for 408 yards:

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