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Toronto mayor slams KC breweries while making ALCS bet with Sly James

Toronto mayor John Tory tried a Jose Bautista bat flip.
Toronto mayor John Tory tried a Jose Bautista bat flip. Twitter screenshot

What’s next? Canada has better barbecue?

On Friday, Toronto Mayor John Tory responded to Kansas City Mayor Sly James’ offer to wager on the American League Championship Series.

James offered to send ribs and sauces from three KC restaurants should the Blue Jays win.

Tory offered to send craft beers from three of Toronto’s local craft beers.

“Number one, our beer is stronger,” Tory said. “Number two, our pitchers are stronger and number three, our hitters are stronger. And so, Mayor James, game on — Go Jays.”

Sounds like the mayor thinks Toronto has better everything. Take a look (the Jose Bautista bat flip was a typical fail for a politician):

CBC News reported that Tory did a second take because of trouble with his microphone. In the second attempt, Tory “said he merely wanted to ensure that ‘the people in Kansas City up to and including the mayor have a chance for the first time in their lives to drink some real beer.’ ”

Seriously? Boulevard was not happy to hear Tory’s comment:

Here is video of Sly James’ bet (nice jab on the maple syrup):

UPDATE: Blair Kerkhoff found the wagers made for the 1985 ALCS. John Ashcroft, then the governor of Missouri, pledged to sing ‘O Canada’ at Barney Allis Plaza and to serve Ontario Premier David Peterson a meal of Missouri-grown foods and some bourbon.

Peterson offered to give Ashcroft a dinner of good foods from Ontario, a basket of Ontario produce and to play the piano and sing “Everything’s Looking Up in Kansas City” in a public place.

Two radio stations made a wager as well. This is from the Toronto Star:

“Toronto’s CFTR and Kansas City’s WHB-AM have an unusual bet going on the outcome of the American League baseball series between Toronto Blue Jays and Kansas City Royals.

“If the Jays win, WHB promises to play the Blue Jays’ theme song, Okay Blue Jays, on morning radio, and the morning deejay will sing O Canada on the air. It will also send two packages of Kansas steaks to CFTR. If Kansas City wins, CFTR will send WAB two cases of Labatt’s Blue beer, and deejays will sing the U.S. national anthem and play the Royals’ theme song.

“The bet began when CFTR morning man Tom Rivers telephoned WHB this week and wagered ‘two cases of Canadian tuna’ that Toronto would win the series. The WHB morning deejay, who was unfamiliar with the recent tuna scandal, promptly agreed to bet two packages of Kansas steaks.

“Subsequently, when he learned from listeners that Canadian tuna may not be such a great prize, he demanded a renegotiation, which led to the current bet.”

Here’s more on that Tuna scandal.

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