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Royals fan, Blue Jays fan engage in funny rap battle ahead of ALCS

Of course, Jose Bautista’s bat flip is referenced in this song.
Of course, Jose Bautista’s bat flip is referenced in this song. The Associated Press

Keyed up for the start of the American League Championship Series?

Here is a prelude to the Royals-Blue Jays matchup: a rap battle called “The Hunt for Blue October.”

Joshua Kennedy of Springfield and Jon Corbin “The Runaway,” of Milton, Ontario recorded the song, which is pretty funny.

“Jon is a friend of mine and we’ve had this battle planned in the event that the series happened,” Kennedy wrote in a Twitter message. “Once both teams won on Wednesday, we rushed to put the song together so we could release it before the series started.”

Here is a part of Kennedy’s rap:

You gotta be jokin’ think you’re winning with Stroman?

He’s a flash in the pan, just a bump in the path

on the road to our dynasty and something that lasts

First place the whole year, unless I’m flunkin in math

your team was only good for like a month and a half

And a sample of Corbin’s rebuttle:

While you spent that time with your foot off the gas

no everyone wonders if your moment has past

Can’t rely on last year, we’re about to send you off like a Joey bat flip

Here’s another truth: no way you can scare us,

even though we ducking fastballs from Herrera

Here is the video:

Kennedy said he met Corbin through Twitter and online rap forums. When the Royals and Blue Jays won their repective American League Division Series, the duo got to work.

“We had a few ideas prepared in advance, but the majority of it we wrote back and forth on a Google doc (Thursday) and recorded (Thursday) night,” Kennedy wrote.

Ah, technology brings us all a little closer ... so we can destroy each other in a rap song.

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