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Watch: Royals fans have a tough time spelling Mike Jirschele’s name

The Kansas City Star

An admission: The “For Pete’s Sake” blog has a goal to be a multimedia powerhouse.

Not content with blog posts, here is the first video specifically for this blog. Stargazing superstar Melissa Graham and I interviewed Royals fans at Kauffman Stadium and quizzed them on their spelling skills. Could they correctly spell the names of third base coach Mike Jirschele and third baseman Mike Moustakas?

Here’s how they fared (and they did have some help from their friends off camera):

Kansas City Royals fans were asked to spell Mike Jirschele and Mike Moustakas. It didn't go well.

For the record, I was kidding about the multimedia powerhouse stuff. There is a reason we have a talented photo and video staff and I'm a writer.

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