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Prince William and Kate at The K? That’s the idea behind #Royals2Royals

Twitter screenshot

This is the longest shot in sports history, but what the hey.

Get it? A campaign to get the Royal family in England to cross the pond and watch the Royals play in the postseason at Kauffman Stadium.

Organziers said (in a tweet, what else?) that the idea came at Royals game. While tailgating, they wondered why someone else hadn’t considered this idea.

A little photoshop magic helped get the word out:

The campaign including a cutout of the Queen at Kauffman Stadium, the Plaza Art Fair and other locations. Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce even got into the fun:

Organizers say they are just having fun and trying to put the spotlight on Royals fans and the team as the playoffs begin.

Mission accomplished.

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