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Injured kitten found at Kauffman Stadium gets care and a new name: Moose

Moose had surgery
Moose had surgery Courtesy of Wayside Waifs

By now, you’ve probably heard about Mike Moustakas’ puppy, Gus.

And perhaps you know about the Clydesdale horse born last month that was named Moose.

Now you can add a cat to the list of animals featured in the Royals’ 2015 season.

During the Royals’ “Bark in the Park” night on Sept. 22, a 5-month-old kitten was found at Kauffman Stadium (cats do their own thing, you know). However, the kitten was injured and its left front leg had maggots in it, according to Wayside Waifs.

According to the shelter, a security guard captured the injured kitten. He was brought to Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners hospital in Lee’s Summit and had the leg amputated.

Kara Forsee, the veterinary surgeon who performed the operation, said in a news release that cats can get around well with three legs.

Wayside Waifs took in the kitten and named him Moose. They hope to find a home for the little guy.

“The KC community is so genuine and animal-loving,” Casey Waugh, communications manager for Wayside Waifs, said in a news release. “With the great partnership between Blue Pearl and Wayside Waifs, we’re able to find Moose a forever home.”

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