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Woman learns: Never thank a bear for not eating your kayak until it has left

YouTube screenshot

This is one of those videos that will make you wince.

And it’ll likely make you glad that a float trip on, say, the Current River in southeast Missouri, won’t mean an encounter with a bear.

A woman named Mary Maley posted a video to YouTube from a cabin in Alaska. In the description, she wrote that she was doing a solo kayak trip from from Ketchikan to Petersburg, Alaska. During a stop, a black bear appeared and she initially thanked the bear for not eating her kayak.

The bear approached her and she sprayed pepper spray to keep it away. Then the bear ate her kayak and left her unable to use the kayak. The area in Alaska where Maley was at the time was about 900 miles north of Seattle.

Maley wrote that she swam to a sailing vessel and got a ride back to a city to repair her kayak.

Hat tip: Alaska Dispatch News.

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